February 20, 2020

Baby chart

The birth chart is a great tool to discover and respect the unique qualities of an individual. Out of love, parents often lose their objectivity when it comes to their children. Discussing one’s son or daughter’s chart can help to develop a more detached and objective viewpoint. This can certainly improve the parent/child relationship and it can allow you, as a parent, to improve yourself as the ‘personal coach’ of your child.

Forecasting is of great value in the child horoscope. It is not the intention to predict the child’s future, but rather to make parents aware of times when the child’s development may not agree with what is generally expected of him/her by society.

As it is my opinion the the relationship between parents and (young) children can only improve with awareness of the parent, I suggest to discuss the birth chart of the parent first.

Costs: € 95.

Duration 1,5 hours.

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