February 20, 2020


“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”
(Dane Rudhyar)

‘Astrology’ literally means ’the language (logos) of the stars (astro)’

It is an ancient symbolic language, that offers a very deep insight in ourselves and the world around us. Astrology does not only use the Sun, Moon and planets as symbols, but also observes them as a physical reality. That way it gives symbolic meaning to astronomical facts and, in doing so, links heaven and earth.

The Horoscope

The birth chart, or horoscope, is like a ‘picture’ of the heavens taken at the moment a person was born. It symbolises the personal life pattern of the owner of the chart.

We live in a family, in a cultural, social and ethnical pattern. We need to fit in, we need to belong and therefore we adapt and imitate our parents, teachers, colleges, friends. This is only natural. Still, too many adaptations and imitations may lead to an alienation of ourselves; we may feel we’re leading someone else’s life.

The birth chart is an accurate ’roadmap’ which guides us back to our essence. It describes the dinamics of our pattern – our challenges, needs, desires, talents and goals. This will encourage us to use our potential to the fullest.


We all need both stability and change in our lives. Sometimes we long for change, but lack energy, determination. Sometimes we fear change, but are forced to face it. There are moments when all we do leads to nothing. There are also times when it all simply seems to happen.

Forecasting is being of assistance in planning our future and co-creating our life, by indicating when to ”sit with it” and when to “go for it”. Knowing how and when to help new situations emerge in our lives. By consciously and willingly broadening our horizons we’ll slide into new situations, rather than falling victim to a dramatic ”earthquake” of unexpected, undesired change.

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