February 20, 2020

Astrological consultation

‘We all try to plan our future to some extend’
Forecasting, during an astrological consultation can assist you in doing this. Although clear cut answers and solutions will not be given, forcasting will help you to make conscious choices at “bifurcations” and look ahead with more confidence.

An astrological consultation can be of help when you:

  • have to make important choices
  • have the feeling you have arrived at a “crossroad” in your life
  • have re-ocurring problems
  • want to investigate your talents
  • need support with the choice of a profession or study
  • feel depressed, anxious, angry, restless or tired – especially when there does not seem to be an obvious reason for these feelings
  • feel you are held back by others or situations in achieving your goals
  • want to gain more insight in (problems within) relationships
  • look for more fulfilment in life
  • are simply curious about your birth chart

Costs: €95
Duration: 1,5 hours

More information?

Please contact me for more information.