February 20, 2020

Astrological consultation for couples

“Synastry”, or relationship astrology is a fascinating and iluminating tool which gives us very clear information about the interaction between two people; how they react to one another, in which way they connect and where and how they are likely to challenge each other. Through synastry is we get to understand each other better and become aware of both positive and negative patterns within the relationship.

Even the most valuable relationships have ups and downs. Astrological forecasting is also applicable on the life of a relationship. It can help tremendously if both partners are aware of times of change within a relationship , so that necessary changes can be made in a constructive way.

Synastry can be done for all types of relationships; friends, parent/child, lovers, marriage, business partners….

Costs € 195,-

Duration 2,5 – 3 uur.

More information?

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