February 20, 2020

About Astrologos

Astrology is a fantastic tool in creating more awareness, of ourselves and of the world around us.

For Astrologos that world started in the Portuguese coastal town of Lagos, but it has moved to the green pastures of Friesland. Wherever it is based, it reaches out to wherever you happen to be, by telephone or internet. Apart form astrological consultations, Astrologos also offers courses and workshops.

Astrologos was created by Ellen Bergstra. She was born (1962) in Holland, moved to Portugal in 1985, after having finished a teacher training college (English and German) and returned to her homecountry in 2011. She is fluent in English, German, Portugese and of course in Dutch.

“Astrology helps to observe ourselves and your lives from a more objective viewpoint. To me it is in the first place a tool to create more (self) awareness. It confirms, encourages and clarifies.”

Before starting up her practise Ellen has attended the following courses:

  • In Portugal – one year course and several workshops facilitated by Portuguese astrologer and philosopher Luis Regina. Several workshops facilitated by American esoteric astrologer Alan Oken.
  • In Holland – three year course at the “Centre of Humanistic and Trans-personal Astrology “- by Joyce Hoen.
  • In England – five year course for professional astrologers at ‘The Faculty of Astrological Studies’ by Carole Taylor, Dragana van de Moortel, Glória Rocha, Peta High, Diane Marcus Page, plus various workshops by Melanie Reinhart, Liz Greene, Robert Hand, Clare Martin, Michael Lutin and Bernadette Brady.

Ellen’s interest in ‘the stars’ does not keep her from keeping her two feet firmly on the ground. As she is blessed with an almost English sense of humour, an astrological consultation or workshop with Ellen will be thorough, but never boring!

Please contact Ellen for more information.